How To Write Creatively

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Being a freelance writer is a great way to make money while working from home. In the day and age of more and more people trying to stay home and work, where they can flourish without dress codes and long hours spent in traffic, this profession has certainly seen a large pick up.

How to Become a Freelance Writer

With the advent of the internet, becoming a freelance writer has certainly gotten easier. There are many new websites which offer professionals money for writing. But to make a good living from this career, you’re going to have to work really hard and have something great to offer. There is a difference between doing it part time and earning a few bucks here and there and actually submitting your articles for publication in newspapers, magazines and even large online syndications.

If you are looking to write professionally, it’s not a bad idea to take a professional writing course before you begin. It would be advisable to be a fast typist and have excellent grammar and writing skills from the start. Some writing courses will tell you how to communicate and pitch yourself to editors and publications to get jobs.

Once you are ready to work, you can find many jobs online by searching in classifieds and online job sites. Even if the opportunities are for only a limited time such as small projects, it will help you to boost your writing resume and get experience.

One way to make money as a writer to supplement your income while looking for a steady opportunity could be to start your own blog. Many bloggers build followings and can make substantial money from advertising revenues.

Freelance Editor

Another closely related job area you may look into is learning how to become an editor. Again, your English writing and grammar skills should be excellent. Many companies are constantly looking for fresh content for their websites and some employ multiple writers. Those companies need editors to review and publish the content. The qualifications are very similar so it’s another job in the same field that one could search for jobs in.

Working from home definitely has its benefits when it comes to spending more time with your family and having less stress. Being a freelance writer or editor could certainly be a great way to go.


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