Lesson 2 – Visualization

By admin On November 21, 2011 Under Creative Writing

Teachers’s Guide to Creative Writing Lesson 2

Topic: Visulization


  1. For the brainstorming of words using the five senses
  2. To help communicate meaning and increase understanding
  3. To help students experience the different perspectives needed to create ideas using sensory images
  4. For Vocabulary Enrichment

Materials: Different things like food, objects, liquids, photographs of different places, etc.


  1. Introduce the topic and the objective of this topic to the students
  2. Tell your students that you want them to visualize certain events, objects, occasions they have had, using their five senses. To play this game, encourage your students to use dictionaries or Thesaurus. Encourage your students to pay with words. The more creative they are with combining words, the better their composition would be in future. There are no strict rules in this games. As long as the words or phrases they create make sense and are associated with each of the five senses, it is acceptable.

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